TamTam: Music and sound for the OLPC

January 5, 2007

New keyboard sequence recorder for miniTamTam

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After making an offhand remark yesterday that it would be fun to record little snippets of keyboard playing in miniTamTam, Olivier just went ahead and did it. The new feature is now in the source tree and will pop up in the next B2 build. Bravo Olivier!


January 4, 2007

TamTam’s synthLab

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New for B2 build:


A look at miniTamTam

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This is an early screenshot of miniTamTam.


TamTam for OLPC

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Welcome to TamTam’s blog.

We hope to bring you news and comments about and instructions on using TamTam, the premiere audio application for the $100 laptop computer (OLPC).

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