TamTam: Music and sound for the OLPC

June 14, 2007

2 TV interviews about TamTam and OLPC (In French)

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During the last couple of months I was invited to show TamTam and the XO at local TV stations. Here are the 2 interviews I was part of.




March 5, 2007

TamTam Edit released!

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The next stable XO build will see the first beta release of the TamTam music editor. TamTam Edit is a page driven event sequencer featuring a powerful music generator, a colorful and intuitive graphical interface to create, modify and organise notes on five virtual “tracks”, a palette of close to a hundred sounds and a music construction model that allows virtually limitless variations in all musical styles.

TamTam Edit joins miniTamTam and TamTam synthLab as the third component of a complete music and sound creation and collaboration environment on the XO. THe fourth component consisting of a collaborative playing and composing tool will be forthcoming as soon as the mesh network technology stabilises.

TamTam Edit uses about 55-65% of the CPU when running full tilt and presently occupies about 20MB of ram. We extend full kudos to James Bergstra of the Université de Montréal and Adrian Martin of the University of Toronto for making this a reality. Given the constraints, this is no small feat. Olivier Bélanger and Nathanaël Lécaudé, both of the Université de Montréal have also contributed an enormous amount of hours to create what is turning out to be a package we are extremely proud of.

Watch this page for another in our series of tutotrial videos.

TamTam Player screen


January 19, 2007

Short OLPC/TamTam video interview

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Here is a small interview I did in December about TamTam and the OLPC. Please note that it is in French.


Nat (aka Flipo on IRC)

January 9, 2007

Small teaser and misc. news

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Check this blog soon for 2 shiny videos on how to use miniTamTam and TamTam SynthLab.  Final Btest-2 build is coming soon and we’ll have a nice TamTam package for it, stay tuned !

January 4, 2007

TamTam for OLPC

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Welcome to TamTam’s blog.

We hope to bring you news and comments about and instructions on using TamTam, the premiere audio application for the $100 laptop computer (OLPC).

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