TamTam: Music and sound for the OLPC

January 5, 2007

Amazing audio performance on the XO!

Filed under: Programming — tamtam4olpc @ 6:09 pm

We just ran three instances of miniTamTam on the XO wtihout audio dropout. This means three drumkits + 6 keyboard voices + three reverbs. While this was going on, we started AbiWord and the audio did not breakup.

Mind you this is at 16k sampling rate, which isn’t going to impress audiophiles anywhere but it sounds pretty remarkably good even on headphones. The XO speakers also give out a nice punchy sound.

A problem remains with Gtk events preempting TamTam’s timing loops whenever there are mouse enter/leave events leading to slow down in the beats while csound is being starved of notes. We are now confident that we can solve this by using separate thread in our python code for anything dealing with interacction and graphics.

More to come…


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