TamTam: Music and sound for the OLPC

January 13, 2007

kudos for miniTamTam

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A nice Saturday morning surprise from Ivan. We think its a bit over the top but, goodness, we’ll take it!


Doing the video turned out to be a fantastic idea. Interest in the work has blossomed tremendously since the post on YouTube. 1600 hits in a few days. We are quite surprised and encouraged.

I hope people take notice. We should be doing this for all software developments on the XO.

Nat and I are gearing up for more videos tomorrow. Stay tuned!



January 9, 2007

miniTamTam video tutorial

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Here is part 1 of our tutorial series : miniTamTam, enjoy !


January 5, 2007

New keyboard sequence recorder for miniTamTam

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After making an offhand remark yesterday that it would be fun to record little snippets of keyboard playing in miniTamTam, Olivier just went ahead and did it. The new feature is now in the source tree and will pop up in the next B2 build. Bravo Olivier!

January 4, 2007

A look at miniTamTam

Filed under: miniTamTam — Nat @ 8:54 pm

This is an early screenshot of miniTamTam.


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